Monday, July 6, 2009

It's a real world, with real conversation

ReallyAwesomeRealWorlder: *yawn* Oh so casually lounging on the wall. Psst, Tex, he's not filming. What do you think? Do I look natural? Is he getting my good side? How does my hair look?

Tex: Totally. Keep acting casual. You're dreamy.

RARW: Oh, we're back on. Ah, so as I was saying...

Tex: Yes, you did look good in the hot tub last night. People in DC are so MEAN! Go Sam Houston State!

RARW: What? What are you saying...?

Tex: It's just then when...the camera is on me...and I don't know...I get nervous...and...oh gosh, please Lord, help me get through this. You're dreamy. Hot tub?

RARW: Yes. Enough talking. Let's try out those love sacks.

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