Friday, June 19, 2009


Here at RWDCW HQ, the talk around the water cooler for the past few weeks has been whether or not the hot tub, not so discreetly hidden under a blue tarp on the small veranda outside the house, would indeed be staying there for the taping of the show.

As anyone who has ever watched the Real World knows, all the good shenanigans take place in and around the hot tub.

So how disappointed were we today when we spied them putting up an awning above where the hot tub sits, which will now block our otherwise perfect view of the debauchery and toplessness that was certain to come in the next few weeks.

Those MTV types sure know how to take away all of our fun. But we will not be deterred from our watch!

That said, let us know if you have any thoughts on this sticky question posed by one of RWDCW's intrepid staff members: "What is the quantity of chlorine that will be needed to keep that hot tub sanitary?"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a little dijon with that love sack

thank you city paper for finally giving us a little more insight into the secrets behind door number 2000.

we've been staring out at the hubbub for weeks. mindless entertainment, shall we say. it's shameful, really, but YOU try to turn away from this bizarre fascination when it's in your face. all. day. long.

admit it. it's kinda fun.

go ahead, mock the real world, mock us, decry the filth that will be descending upon our neighborhood, shout to the heavens "WHY OH WHY?!" but for sh*ts sake lighten up and laugh about it. when life throws you lemons, make mustard couches. at least that's what it seems like the real worlders will be doing in their "fab" game room:

forgive the crappy camera phone. workin' with what we've got, people.