Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can't MTV give them lawn chairs to sit in?

So far, it seems the Real Worlders are big on hanging out on their front stoop - or splaying across it, as we witnessed yesterday. This just doesn't look comfortable to me:

Now what do you suppose these two were talking about...

Real World Token Cast Member: So what kind of job are you going to get while you're here?

Real World Brunette no. 2: Um...I really like refugees and stuff, maybe a non-profit that does that kind of thing. You think there's any close by?

RWTCM: Oh. I don't know. I want to work on the Hill. I hear there's lots of underage interns there during the summer. Hot!

RWB2: Oh totally hot.

RWTCM: Speaking of hot, you want to go in the hot tub?

RWB2: Totally! I'm losing the circulation in my feet laying like this. Let's hope the camera follows us!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just because it's not the 4th, it doesn't mean we can't be patriotic

Oh no he didn't.Oh yes. Yes he did.

It's a real world, with real conversation

ReallyAwesomeRealWorlder: *yawn* Oh so casually lounging on the wall. Psst, Tex, he's not filming. What do you think? Do I look natural? Is he getting my good side? How does my hair look?

Tex: Totally. Keep acting casual. You're dreamy.

RARW: Oh, we're back on. Ah, so as I was saying...

Tex: Yes, you did look good in the hot tub last night. People in DC are so MEAN! Go Sam Houston State!

RARW: What? What are you saying...?

Tex: It's just then when...the camera is on me...and I don't know...I get nervous...and...oh gosh, please Lord, help me get through this. You're dreamy. Hot tub?

RARW: Yes. Enough talking. Let's try out those love sacks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cast members 4 and 5!

in staggering second-by-second detail...we give you pictures with a REAL camera! oh this newfangled technology.

what foolishness we're caught up in (just like usher, just without the messy divorce). the kids have already left to terrorize the secret safeway. there goes our little secret.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

BREAKING NEWS: The Real Worlders have started moving in.

Rumors had been circulating for a while that filming would begin this weekend...and now they're here.

So far, we've spotted a guy and a girl arriving together in a cab.

More detailed info we gathered from a source we picked up in our building's elevator this afternoon confirms that the girl has brown hair and looks like she belongs in a sorority and the guy is "muscley."

A third Real Worlder was spotted by our source walking up Connecticut from the metro, all while being filmed. She was described to us as "a little overweight and with bad highlights."

Our source predicts the sorority girl and the badly highlighted girl will not get along, as evidenced by the fishy handshake they had when meeting at the front door.

Too bad our office is closed tomorrow for our nation's day of independence, because clearly the silliness is just about to start!