Thursday, July 2, 2009

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

BREAKING NEWS: The Real Worlders have started moving in.

Rumors had been circulating for a while that filming would begin this weekend...and now they're here.

So far, we've spotted a guy and a girl arriving together in a cab.

More detailed info we gathered from a source we picked up in our building's elevator this afternoon confirms that the girl has brown hair and looks like she belongs in a sorority and the guy is "muscley."

A third Real Worlder was spotted by our source walking up Connecticut from the metro, all while being filmed. She was described to us as "a little overweight and with bad highlights."

Our source predicts the sorority girl and the badly highlighted girl will not get along, as evidenced by the fishy handshake they had when meeting at the front door.

Too bad our office is closed tomorrow for our nation's day of independence, because clearly the silliness is just about to start!

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  1. Eric Woolfson of The alan Parsons project is on facebook now. Its pretty sweet. He posts cool stuff all the time! If your an APP fan its worth checking out