Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can't MTV give them lawn chairs to sit in?

So far, it seems the Real Worlders are big on hanging out on their front stoop - or splaying across it, as we witnessed yesterday. This just doesn't look comfortable to me:

Now what do you suppose these two were talking about...

Real World Token Cast Member: So what kind of job are you going to get while you're here?

Real World Brunette no. 2: Um...I really like refugees and stuff, maybe a non-profit that does that kind of thing. You think there's any close by?

RWTCM: Oh. I don't know. I want to work on the Hill. I hear there's lots of underage interns there during the summer. Hot!

RWB2: Oh totally hot.

RWTCM: Speaking of hot, you want to go in the hot tub?

RWB2: Totally! I'm losing the circulation in my feet laying like this. Let's hope the camera follows us!

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